Fees and Charges

Our practice is a private billing practice. Payment methods accepted are cash, cheque and Eftpos. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express.

Private fee times

To allow working people priority access to appointments outside of working hours, we have reserved some appointments for private billing.

  • Our private fee times are before 9:30am and after 4pm on week days. Weekend appointments also carry an additional charge.
  • All appointments commencing within these hours are privately billed and attract a fee, including aged pensioners, health care card holders, children, follow-up appointments, and telehealth.
  • All patients over 16 are charged privately on their first consulation.

Discounted and Bulk-Bill Patients

Discounted and private fee appointments are available outside of private fee times, between 9:30am and before 4pm weekdays.

  • Bulk billing with no cost to the patient are available for pensioners, health care card holders, and children under 16.
  • Students 16 and over including higher education are charged a discount fee after presenting their current registration details
  • Patients normally privately billed will be bulk billed for follow-up appointments:
    • attending for results or follow up of an issue already discussed
    • within in four (4) weeks from the payment date
    • without a new issue

Medicare Claiming

Medicare rebates can be claimed in several ways:

  • Medicare Easy Claim Rebate is deposited back into your bank account via a cheque or saving bank card at the same time as payment for consult.
  • Online Claiming Rebate is processed online at the practice at the same time as payment of your consult, Medicare will then deposit your rebate into the bank account previously provided to Medicare.
  • Medicare Office Present your reciept to Medicare to claim your rebate.

An outline of standard fees and expected Medicare rebates is available at reception. As consult fees vary depending on the presenting problem, consult time, and complexity of the presenting complaint, it is not possible for our staff to tell you how much you will need to pay until at the end of your consult.

Please note that alll accounts must be settled on the day of consultation.