LGBT Health

All our doctors at the practice are LGBT friendly and we have multiple patients attending from the community.

Our doctors can help with more specific issues such as coming to terms with sexuality, safe sex, HIV treatment and prevention, and starting a family.

Gender Affirming Medical Care

The practice runs a specialist service for transgender patients for initiation of hormone therapy and specialised care and advice for feminising, masculinising, and non-binary transitions. Unfortunately due to legal issues we can only offer hormone therapy to over 18s, although we can offer other support to under 18s if required.

This is a private billing only service, new patients will be privately billed for all consultations.

Due to demand, we are unable to take over full GP care for patients outside of our catchment. Please get a referral from your local GP and phone reception for an appointment, these appointments cannot be booked online as there is a waiting list for gender appointments.

Should you wish to see Dr Penny or Dr Rosalind Forward, please get a referral from your local GP and contact the practice to be considered.