Travel Medicine

Our team of travel health doctors and nurses can advise you and your family of the medical requirements for your intended destination and ensure that you are aware of any potential medical risks in that location.

They can also advise you on the regulations regarding travelling with medications and ensure that everyone has the required medical and vaccination documentation that may be required by customs officials at their destination.

Whether travelling for business or for pleasure Alexander Heights Family Practice can advise you and your family with a full range of travel medicine services including:

  • A full suite of immunisations, including Hep A&B, Tetanus and many more
  • Medications
  • Medical advice
  • First aid kits

Preventable diseases associated with travel include:

Disease At Risk Schedule Frequency
Hepatitis A Travel to most places. Food-borne illness. 0, 6-12 months Lifetime cover
Hepatitis B On the Vaccination Schedule for infants. At risk with local medical treatment, tatoos, or sexual contact. Common in Asia and Africa. 0, 1, 6 months (0, 7, 21 days, and 6 months) Lifetime cover
Typhoid Food borne illness. Present in many areas. 1 injection, or 4 oral capsules 2 years (injection), 5 years (oral) 
Polio Recorded cases in Afganistan, Pakistan, and Africa. Booster injection 10 years
Tetanus & Diptheria Tetanus present globally. Diptheria endemic in countries in Asia, the South Pacific, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the Caribean. Booster injection  10 years
Rabies Present in mammals in most parts of the world. At risk if in danger of getting animal bites without access to medical treatment. 0, 7, & 28(21) days 2 Yearly or Blood test
Japanese Encephalitis Mosquito borne in rural areas of Asia. At higher risk if staying with relatives or friends. 0 & 28 days(0,7,14 days, 1-3 months) >1yr since previous
Yellow Fever Many countries in equatoral Africa and South America. Many countries require proof of vaccination if travel to these areas has occoured. 1 dose Lifetime cover
Meningococcal Disease Sub-saharan Africa. Proof of vaccination is required to attend the Hajj. Varies by vaccine Hajj - proof of vaccine <3yrs prior required
Malaria Present in many tropical areas in Asia, Africa, and South and Central America. Mosquito borne. Not present at high altitudes. Talk to your doctor for advice. Daily tablets for prophilaxis required. Not vaccine preventable.

Please book an appointment at least 4 - 8 weeks in advance and bring any records you have of previous immunisations with you.